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Span Panel and Span Drive


A smarter way to manage your home energy. Get circuit-level control and monitoring, deep energy insights, and remote functionality from your smartphone via the SPAN Home app. Give us a call today to learn more about installing SPAN in your home.

SPAN Panel

SPAN reinvented the 100-year-old electrical panel and created a smarter, better approach to whole-home energy management. A direct replacement for your existing electrical panel, SPAN Panel brings circuit-level control and monitoring, valuable energy insights, and flexible backup customization to any home. 

Span Panel

Control Your Homes Energy Usage

Manage and monitor all of your home’s circuits in real time with the SPAN Home app.

Get The Ultimate Whole-Home Backup

SPAN pairs with battery storage to intelligently extend the length of your home backup during an outage.

Prepare For Future Home Upgrades

Dynamic load management enables electrification upgrades like solar and battery systems, heat pumps, and EV chargers.

Charge Your EV Faster With SPAN Drive

Get max-available charging speeds 24/7 without an expensive electrical service upgrade.

SPAN Drive

SPAN Drive is the only Level 2 EV charger that partners with your home for a dynamic, optimized charging experience.

Span Drive

Max-Optimal Charging Speeds 

Dynamically increases charging power when the home is idle, and reduces power throughput during times when the home is active.

Level 2 Charging Without An Upgrade 

Many homes require an expensive and time-consuming electrical service upgrade to accommodate a Level 2 EV charger which is never required with SPAN Drive.

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